Physics Department is one of the premier Department of the College which provides Undergraduate Education in the subject of Physics . The Department was permanently affiliated to the Bombay University since inception of the College and later to Goa University since 1986 . The Department has maintained tie up with National Institute of Oceanography Goa Science Centre and Association of Friends of Astronomy (Panaji Goa) for student related project activities and for conducting seminars workshops for teachers students and public awareness.


  • To develop keen interest in the subject of Physics and motivate students to  pursue  higher studies.
  • To contribute towards the popularisation of Physics.
  • To start new non- conventional courses  which will help students to get employability.

Infrastructure available in the Department

  • Staff room equipped with computer with Wi-fi facility.
  • Physics Lab equipped with Audio Visual aids: OHP, LCD projector , Charts and Models
  • Physics Lab equipped with Electronic Test Equipments such as CROs, Signal Generators, Analog and Digital Meters for physical measurements.
  • Physics department has procured Hall effect apparatus, Laser-optoelectronic kit, Frank Hertz apparatus, Michelson’s interferometer, Ultrasonic interferometer with accessories etc. for laboratory.
  • Physics Department has Five Astronomical Telescope meant for sky observation.


  • Goa University affiliated course -.B.Sc Physics (6 Units).
  • Non Conventional Certificate Course in – Electrical & Electronics Instrumentation.
No. of Teaching and Administrative staff:9
No. of seminars / conferences organized:-
No. of Research Projects completed:
Major Projects:1
Minor Projects:-
No. of Ongoing Projects completed
Major Projects:-
Minor Projects:1
Activities:Science exhibitions, Movies, Field trips and Popularization of Science talks.
Details of Value Addition courses:
Name:Certificate Course in Electrical and Electronic Instrumentation
Duration:2 weeks
Significance of Course:The undergraduate students of B.Sc degree will get add-on qualifications and knowledge of technical value simultaneously while pursuing their B.Sc degree course. Students, who have done add-on courses, can get preference for jobs in Industries, can set up their own small scale manufacturing, processing service or marketing unit. The area of work for pass outs will be designing, manufacturing, servicing etc. of various systems involving instrumentation and will help in developing an ability towards market survey for ascertaining the availability of products and their specifications, price selection, cost estimation and report writing. The course if pursued simultaneously with Physics as the core discipline at the undergraduate will strengthen the knowledge of core discipline and help those who would like to pursue higher studies in Physics at the Post graduate level/Research.


Name of Faculty/Qualification : Dr. Ramu Murthy, M.Sc. ,Ph.D.
Designation : Associate Professor & Head, Dept. of Physics
Teaching experience : 27 years
Email ID :
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Name of Faculty/Qualification : Dr. Swati Pawar, M.Sc.,Ph.D
Designation : Associate Professor
Teaching experience : 27 years
Email ID :
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Name of Faculty/Qualification : Sandeep Burye, M.Sc., Dip.HE
Designation : Associate Professor
Teaching experience : 30 years
Email ID :
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Name of Faculty/Qualification : Dr. Miskil Naik, M.Sc. ,M.Phil, Ph.D.
Designation : Assistant Professor
Teaching experience : 17 years
Email ID :
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Name of Faculty/Qualification : Ms. Alysia Fernandes, M.Sc
Designation : Assistant Professor
Teaching experience : 1 year
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Name : Mr. Swarupa Parab
Designation : Lab Assistant
Name : Mr. Pravin Shirodkar
Designation : Lab Attendant
Name : Mr. Prakash Naik
Designation : Lab Attendant


Telescope making workshop for students

Excursion trip to Kaiga Nuclear Plant, Karwar

Outreach programme at Penha de Franca village in association with Association of Friends of Astronomy

Talks on Popularisation of Science

Screening of movies related to Physics and Astronomy under PEP.

Active role of the Physics department in the form of Initiatives for Solar Programmes


Active role in organizing the Western Regional Instrumentation workshop for lab technicians of all schools and colleges in Goa