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The department of Psychology, Dhempe College of Arts and Science offers 6 papers in Psychology at the TYBA. After graduation some of our students enter the world of work while others continue their the studies often pursuing an MA in Psychology, MBA, or B.Ed. At Dhempe College, we strive for academic excellence. Our lecturers participate in curriculum design, examination work and have served as BOS (Psychology) members. Our faculty members have conducted workshops, presented papers at Inernational and National conferences and have published papers in peer reviewed journals. The department has a fully equipped, airy and spacious laboratory: the library has a wide selection of books in Psychology.

The vision of the department is 3- fold:
  • • Expose students to the world of work and recent developments in Psychology through field trips, guest lectures and various activities.
  • • Develop life skills through counseling, stress management workshops etc.
  • • As a part of our policy of inclusion, we interact with the differently abled through visits, student volunteers, Christmas parties and sale of vocational products. Ms. S. Kalokhe, manager Disha school and Dr. Wendy Manuel have started an internship programme, ‘Wangda’ for students who desire to work with the differently abled at Disha School.

Scope of Psychology

A study of Psychology leads to the understanding of behavior and mental processes which is increasingly important in our day to day lives as well as in a variety of careers. People holding a bachelors degree in Psychology will find jobs assisting Psychologists in mental health centres, rehabilitation centres, in personnel departments dealing with employees as well as research assistants.

Those with masters or doctoral degrees can join the faculties of colleges and universities (teaching, research and counseling). Others work in applied settings i.e school, health, industrial, commercial, educational psychology etc.

Nearly half the Psychologists work as clinicians specializing in diagnosis and treatment of abnormal behavior, or as counselors (educational, vocational and personal).

There are many additional fields of Psychology i.e Developmental, Neuro\Biological, Social, Educational, Industrial, Experimental, Environmental, Evolutionary, Health, Cognitive, Forensic, Criminal, Positive Psychology etc. New fields are being added as the importance of Psychology in various fields is being realized.



BA, 3 and 6 units Psychology.



Dr. Wendy Manuel

Name: Dr. Wendy Manuel
Designation: Associate Professor & HOD
Qualification: MA & Ph. D
Teaching Experience: 28 years
Areas of Interest: Psychology of women and adolescents

Prof. Mukta Karmadi Name: Prof. Mukta Karmadi
Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: M.A.
Teaching Experience: 18 years
Areas of Interest: Educational Psychology

Prof. Alvita D’Souza Name: Prof. Alvita D’Souza
Designation: Assistant Professor (contract basis)
Qualification: M.A.
Teaching Experience: 3 years
Areas of Interest: Criminal Psychology and Positive Psychology




  • 25th and 26th July 2011: Disha students showcased their talent at Dhempe College. Staff and students appreciated their work and bought cards, rachis, candles etc from the students. Conducted by Dr. Wendy Manuel
  • 22nd and 27thy July 2011: Psychology students visited Disha school for the differently abled. We organized music and action songs that the children enjoyed. Conducted by Dr. Wendy Manuel
  • 26th, 28th July 2011 and 18th, 20th August 2011: counseling workshops were conducted by Ms. Gayatri Konkar; on the 26th July 2011 the topic taken up was self esteem, on the 28th July 2011, Body Image, on the 18th August 2011 Gender and Sexuality and on the 20th August 2011 Relationships. Organized by Dr. Wendy Manuel
  • 19th November 2011 Participation in the “ Badte Kadam All India Disability Awareness Progamme”- it involved a) A rally from Ambedkar garden to Azad Maidan and b) A cultural programme at Azad Maidan. Our students put up an integrated dance performance with the differently abled which was appreciated by all, the audience enthusiastically participated in action songs. The badte Kadam anthem was put to music ans sung by Dhempe College Psychology students. Organized by Dr. Wendy Manuel
  • 2nd December 2011: Our students participated in Psychozest, the intercollegiate festival by the MES College and won the 2nd place
  • 24th and 25th January 2012 students participated in “ We Care” a 2 day film festival of award winning films on disability. Organized by Dr. Wendy Manuel
  • Students participated in Psygnus, an inter Collegiate festival at St. Xaviers College. They received 2 prizes.

Activities June-September 2012
Date Activity organised/attended/presented
3.7.12 field trip to Disha for SYBA students Dr. Wendy Manuel
4.7.12 "WANGDA" internship program at Disha Institute for the
differently abled students starts
Dr. Wendy Manuel
7.7.12 Attendd Grief counselling workshop at Goa International center Dr. Wendy Manuel
17/18.7.12 Exhibition and sale of vocational products by Disha students Dr. Wendy Manuel
19.7.12 Counselling workshop by Miss.Joslyn Henriques on,"Problems
faced by youth and need for Counselling"
Dr. Wendy Manuel
26.7.12 Counselling workshop on "Study skills" Dr. Wendy Manuel
30.7.12 Counsellor, Miss.Joslyn Henriques starts counselling for
students on Monday from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.,Tuesday and Wednesday 2.00 to 4.00 p.m.
Dr. Wendy Manuel
24/25.8.12 Paper presented "Gender role identity of women and men naval
officers" at the national seminar,'Women empowerment,changing perspective in changing times' at St. Xaviers College
Dr. Wendy Manuel
27/28.8.12 Attended Goan Heritage Seminar organised by Dhempe
College-History forum
Dr. Wendy Manuel
31.8.12/1.9.12 Chief Guest for "Mind Matters"-seminar organised at Chowgule
college 10 students from Dhempe college paticipated
Dr. Wendy Manuel
Miss. Golda Vas
6.9.12 Attended seminar on,"Prevention of sexual harassment" at Goa
University (3 students participated in the poster competition-Miss. Ambreen Shaikh won a prize)
Dr. Wendy Manuel
12.9.12 Psygnus-an Inter college Psychology festival at St. Xavier's
College,10 students participated and were awarded the third place in order of merit
Miss.Golda Vas

Psychomela : Health psychology

At Disha: school for the differently abled

At Disha: school for the differently abled

At Disha: school for the differently abled
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