The Department of Geology was established in June 1963 in the present institution by Late Prof. Frank B. Antao. He was the head of department till 1998. Some of the teachers who have served this Department and retired from services on superannuation include Prof. A.M. Nadkarni, Prof. R.P. Gurav, and Prof. A.G. Agshikar. Presently Prof. D.S. Parab, Dr.M.M. Ibrampurkar, Prof.R.R.Gadgil & Prof.(Ms)V.K.Mayenkar are regular faculty members of the Department. The Department lost a dynamic teacher Late.Prof. O.A. Fernandes who suddenly expired at the age of 46 after serving the Department for 23 years.

The Department had organized a National Conference on “Changing Environment” in March 2018 which was attended by Expertise from all over the country. The Department of Geology has a Geological “Museum” with a massive collection of rocks, minerals and fossil specimens. The Department is the headquarters for the “Geological Society of Goa”. The Department was first to conduct the non-conventional course in “Remote Sensing and GIS” which was started in June 2000. The Department has also conducted “Orientation workshop in Geology for the School Teachers” in collaboration with State Institution of Education. The Department presently conduct a skill enhancement course in “Remote Sensing & GIS”. The Department has conducted National Conference on “Changing Environment“ on 8th March 2018.

The Alumni of this Department have instituted a Gold medal at Goa University, in the honor of Late Prof. F.B. Antao which is awarded to the student topping M.Sc. Examination in Earth Science every year. An endowment scholarship has been instituted in this college for the student topping B.Sc. in Geology. Prof. A.G. Agshikar has instituted a scholarship in memory of his late parents and is awarded to the S.Y.B.Sc. student scoring highest marks in Geology and continuing in Geology as major subject at  T.Y.B.Sc.

The Department caters to the needs of the students by issuing Geology books from the Department library.  Ex-staff member like Prof. R.P. Gurav and late Prof. O.A. Fernandes, Late Shri.Prakash Bhobe & Alumni have donated many books which are being frequently referred. Teaching in Geology is not confined only to the four walls of the Class rooms but the staff members take the students out to visit different rock formation in the state as well the neighboring states to become familiar with different Geological aspects. Conducting field trips is mandatory part of our curriculum. Dr. M.M. Ibrampurkar has completed Ph.D at Goa University in November 2012. The Department has been performing exceedingly well in T.Y.B.Sc. Examination conducted by Goa University securing 100% results.

Outstanding students at T.Y.B.Sc.Geology Examination, Goa University.

Name of StudentsYear
Anmol Naik2014-15
Leimiwon Zimik
De Souza Andrei Mark2016-17
Gawandi Arolkar Nidhi Raghoba

Besides academics all the faculty members are actively associated with extracurricular activities conducted by the College.


Geology is the study of the Earth. It deals with the materials, processes, systems and resources of the Earth. It is the core discipline of Earth Science and is used in the exploration of minerals, metals and energy resources. A career in Geology is both exciting and demanding. The subject offers job opportunities in various important fields such as Oil explorations and production, Mining Industry, Hydrology, Seismology, Volcanology, Marine Geology, Structural Geology and Remote Sensing.

After successful completion of B.Sc. in Geology a student can opt for higher studies like M.Sc. (offered at the Goa University or any other University in India and  abroad)  and M.Tech. ( at IIT’S ) or chose specialized courses like Petroleum Geology (Pune), Mining Geology (Dhanbad), Gemmology (at Mumbai or Jaipur),  Remote Sensing  (at Dehradun), etc.  Government agencies such as Geological Survey of India and Central Ground Water Board are the largest employers of Geologists in India.

Our students are employed in leading Oil producing Multi National Companies such as Schlumberger, Shell, Baker, Hughes, Reliance, ONGC, etc while others have joined leading Mining  companies like Vedanta, Sesa Goa, Salgaocars, Chowgules, Dempos, NMDC, CIL, etc. A few are working in Research institutions like NIO, DST & E, NCAOR yet others have joined teaching profession.

No. of Teachers 05 (04 Full Time, 01 Lecture Basis)
No. of Administrative Staff 03
No. of Seminars/Conferences organized 01

“National Conference on Changing Environment”



The Department of Geology has a ‘Geological Museum’ with a massive collection of 285 rocks, 168 minerals and 53 fossil specimens. It has a well equipped laboratory.


The Department has following equipment.

Petrological microscopes25
Resistivity meter01
Water Analysis Kit01
Clinometer 30
Departmental Books 450
DO Meter 01
pH Meter01
TDS Meter 01

The Department has its own library with 339 books which caters to the needs of the staff and students. Ex-staff members and alumni have donated 252 books which are being frequently referred by staff and students.