In the words of Socrates, the unexamined life is not worth living. Life is a perpetual enquiry where philosophy is the working tool of inquisitive minds that ponder on questions about appearance and reality, the nature of cosmos and man, god, soul, personal destiny and so on. At a time when there seems to be an ethical collapse in society, there is a parallel upsurge in the interest on bio-socio ethics.

The philosophy department offers papers in moral and philosophical issues, western and Indian thought, applied ethics and religion which contain the contributions of great minds down the ages analyzing issues of practical relevance to students, thereby Deeping their consciousness, broadening and opening new dimensions of human experience, laying down new ways of thinking, rationally and critically. Philosophy is an intellectual pursuit influencing one’s personal and social life and having an impact on one’s economic, political and cultural outlook.

Scope of philosophy

Philosophy has a wide scope especially for those wanting to pursue a degree in law, management, civil services, teaching, research, bank and joining various NGOs concerned with ethical issues in public life.


Moral Philosophy (paper I)
Issues in Philosophy (Paper II)
Foundation Course papers :
Environmental Ethics
Allied to major :
Philosophy of Value education
History of Western Philosophy (paper III)
History of Classical Indian Philosophy (paper IV)
Philosophy of Religion (Paper V)
Philosophy of Mind (paper VI)
Problems of Philosophy (paper VII)
Applied Ethics (paper IX)
Students work on projects concerning environmental, Bioethical and Philosophical issues.

No. of Teaching and Administrative staff: 3
No. of seminars / conferences organized: 6
No. of Research Projects completed: –
No. of Ongoing Projects completed
Major Projects: –
Minor Projects: 1
Name: Philosophy Association
Activities: Debates, paper reading sessions, talks, movies, visits and community service.
Details of Value Addition courses:
Name: Flower making Course
Duration: One Week
Significance of Course: This course enables individuals to become independent entrepreneurs. It also helps students to earn while studying.