The Department of Zoology was established in 1981. The curriculum prescribed by Goa University is taught at the undergraduate level. The strength of the department lies in its faculty members who are well qualified, experienced and devoted to the profession. In addition to teaching, the staff members conduct a variety of activities for the students like workshops, talks by renowned scholars, educational visits to national laboratories, wildlife sanctuaries, zoological parks, museums and other places of zoological importance, to give the students a broad view of the subject.

The nature club is affiliated to the Department of Zoology. The department also offers career-oriented add-on courses to develop specific skills among the students.State level workshops, national seminars and conferences have been organized by the Department for the benefit of students, teachers and researchers.

Students of Zoology have excelled in academics and extracurricular activities. They have won accolades at various competitions. The alumni are gainfully employed in various sectors including administration, education and scientific research laboratories in India as well as abroad.

Scope of zoology

Zoology like all area of science is shaped by scientific method. It encompasses a fascinating and important body of knowledge that enables a better understanding of animals, wildlife, our environment and human beings. During the course of study, a varied range of sub disciplines like cell and molecular biology, anima physiology, biochemistry, developmental biology, endocrinology, ecology, animal behavior, animal biotechnology, genetics and evolution are dealt with.

On graduation, the career paths available to students of Zoology are wide, including teaching, research, museum service, conservation, scientific civil service, the media or the environmental and ecosystem management sector. The course also prepares the students very well for higher education including a master’s degree or even a Ph.D. Zoology graduates can find employment as analyst of Food and beverage as well as pharmaceutical industries. They can also find work as medical or laboratory technicians in hospitals and scientific institutions involved in conducting research and training. Another area students can consider is the marketing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products to medical and veterinary practitioners, retail pharmacies, hospitals and clinics. Wildlife and forest conservation is yet another area of potential employment. Here the work could involve biological surveys and making recommendations on the management and safe guarding of rare and endangered plants and animals in their habitats. The Indian Forest service also offers rewarding career in forests and wildlife sanctuaries. Zoology graduates also find employment in research areas such as oceanography, agriculture and fisheries. An increasing number are venturing into environmental monitoring. Others find careers in teaching at a variety of educational establishments, as curators in museums and in the media as eco journalists. Fish farms, leisure centers, local government, the police and service industries also employ Zoology graduates.

Job Opportunities in Zoology

In India, one can work as a research Zoologists conducting experiments on specific animals. Zoos absorb many trained Individuals. Other Opportunities for Zoologists exists in botanical gardens, conservation organizations, nature reserves, universities, laboratories etc. They can become researchers, teachers and can be trained in any field of biology within a short duration. If their past learning outcome is excellent, they are fit for doing any job in the biomedical field. After completing a Bachelors and Masters degree in Zoology, students will be eligible for jobs as a teacher and researcher in schools and colleges or they can conduct research on a specific topic related to a particular animal species.

In Goa, after graduation, there are openings for students at NIO, ICAR, NCAOR, the Forest Department, the Fisheries Department, hatcheries and aquaculture farms, the Health department and pathology laboratories.

No. of Teaching and Administrative staff9

No. of Research Projects completed

Major Projects4
Minor Projects4

No. of seminars / conferences organized20

No. of Ongoing Projects

Major Projects
Minor Projects


Name: Nature Club
Activities: The Nature Club of the Department Organized a poster competition on “Mhadei Lifeline of Goa” on 24th August 2016 under Personality enhancement Programme. 16 posters from B.Sc. / B.A. / Biotechnology Students were exhibited.

Details of Value Addition courses

Name: : ED Programme on fish farming and fishery products
Duration: 2-3 days
Significance of Course: The Course is aimed at motivating the students to improvise their technical skills and giving them an opportunity to become self- employed. Training is imparted in various fields like mussel culturing, crab culture, open cage culture, fabrication of aquarium tank and preparation of various fish based and value added products.