The department of Psychology, Dhempe College of Arts and Science offers 6 papers in Psychology at the TYBA. After graduation some of our students enter the world of work while others continue their studies often pursuing an MA in Psychology, MBA, or B.Ed. At Dhempe College, we strive for academic excellence. Our lecturers participate in curriculum design, examination work and have served as BOS (Psychology) members. Our faculty members have conducted workshops, presented papers at International and National conferences and have published papers in peer reviewed journals.

The department has a fully equipped, airy and spacious laboratory: the library has a wide selection of books in Psychology.

The vision of the department is 3- fold:

Expose students to the world of work and recent developments in Psychology through field trips, guest lectures and various activities.
Develop life skills through counseling, stress management workshops etc.
As a part of our policy of inclusion, we interact with the differently abled through visits, student volunteers, Christmas parties and sale of vocational products. Ms. S. Kalokhe, manager Disha School for Special Children and Dr. Wendy Manuel have started an internship programme, ‘Wangda’ (Together) for students who desire to work with the differently abled at Disha School.
Scope of Psychology

A study of Psychology leads to the understanding of behavior and mental processes which is increasingly important in our day to day lives as well as in a variety of careers.

People holding a bachelors degree in Psychology will find jobs assisting Psychologists in mental health centres, rehabilitation centres, in personnel departments dealing with employees as well as research assistants. Those with masters or doctoral degrees can join the faculties of colleges and universities (teaching, research and counseling). Others work in applied settings i.e. school, health, industrial, commercial, educational psychology etc. Nearly half the Psychologists work as clinicians specializing in diagnosis and treatment of abnormal behavior, or as counselors (educational, vocational and personal).

There are many additional fields of Psychology i.e. Developmental, Neuropsychology, Biological, Social, Educational, Industrial, Experimental, Environmental, Evolutionary, Health, Cognitive, Forensic, Criminal, Positive Psychology etc. New fields are being added as the importance of Psychology in various fields is being realized.