Sr. No.
Course Name
Certificate/Diploma /Skill developmentDepartment
Goals and objectives
1Remote Sensing and GISCertificateGeologyTo acquaint student with basic satellite image interpretation and analysis
2Determination of Physico-chemical and Microbiological parameters in drinking WaterCertificateChemistryTo enable students to acquire knowledge and to estimate the different Physico-chemical and biological parameters in drinking water so as to determine whether water is hygienically safe and fit for consumption.Students are encouraged to bring water samples from their locality for analysis
3Course in Analytical ToolsChemistryTo have detailed knowledge about principles and working of instruments used in various chemical analysis. This helps the students during the project work of T.Y.B.Sc
4Statistics and Statistical surveys using statistical package R or similar softwareMathematicsIntroduction to various statistical concepts and Introduction to Ror similar statistical software
5Mathematical Typesetting LaTeXMathematicsTo introduce the basics of how LaTeX works, how to install Latex and Tex editor TeXstudio, explain how to get started, and go through lots of examples. This course will be helpful for students, research scholars and teachers to prepare their research papers, manuscripts, theses and questions papers in LaTex.
6MultimediaCertificateComputer Science To understand Openshot video editor.
7GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)CertificateComputer ScienceTo understand GIMP Software.
8PHP & My SQLCertificateComputer ScienceTo understand PHP & My SQL.
9C++CertificateComputer ScienceTo understand C++ Software.
10C programCertificateComputer ScienceTo learn C Program.
11Orchid, Anthuriumscultivation, flower arrangement, creative, kitchen and vertical gardeningCertificateBotany1) Orchid, Anthuriumcultivation.
2) Flower arrangement.
3) Vertical gardening and creative gardening
4) Kitchen gardening.
12training and application of fungi as Biocontrol agents, EM fungi, vermi-composting and organic manure for domestic utilizationCertificateBotany1) Biocontrol agents.
2) EM fungi.
3) Vermi-composting.
4) Organic manure
13Skill development in fungi: Basic techniques in Mycology, Mushroom cultivation and Tempeh preparationCertificateBotany1) Techniques in fungi identification and culturing.
2) Mushroom cultivation.
3) Tempeh preparation.
14Electrical and Electronic InstrumentationCertificatePhysicsIt is envisaged that professionally qualified graduates with a sound knowledge of their core discipline and expertise in a concerned skill will have more openings in service industry and self employment sectors.
15Value added sea food productsCertificateZoologyTo provide hands on training to participants on preparation of sea food products.
16Written EnglishCertificateEnglishThe learner should be able to write in English without any grammatical errors. They should be familiar with formats of common compositions, such as letters, notices, précis writing, which are used in everyday life and serve various practical purposes.
17कोंकणी उलय कोंकणी बरयCertificateIndian Languages (Konkani)1. बिगर कोंकणी सरकारी अधिकाऱ्याक कोंकणींतल्यान उलोवंक आनी बरोवंक कोंकणी भाशेचें कामा पुरतें गिन्यान मेळटलें.
2. कोंकणी भाशेच्या उडट्या इतिहासाची फांटभूंय कळटली.
3. व्याकरणीक बुन्याद घट जातली.
18कोंकणी भाशेचो दाखलोCertificateIndian Languages (konkani)1. विद्यार्थ्यांक कोंकणींतल्यान उलोवंक आनी बरोवंक कोंकणी भाशेचें कामा पुरतें गिन्यान मेळटलें.
2. कोंकणी भाशेच्या उडट्या इतिहासाची फांटभूंय कळटली.
3. भाशेच्या नदरेंतल्यान कोंकणींतल्यान आयकप, उलोवप, वाचप आनी बरोवप ह्या कौशल्ल्यांचो विकास जातलो.
4. दिसपट्टे जिणेंत आनी सरकारी कामकाजांत कोंकणी भाशेचो प्रभावी वापर जातलो.
5. नोकरे खातीर दाखलो मेळटलो.
19Typing in Unicode-Mangal FontCertificateIndian Languages1. विद्यार्थी देवनागरी टंकण में सक्षम होगा ।
2. देवनागरी वर्तनी का ज्ञान।
3. हिंदी, कोंकणी मराठी में देवनागरी टंकलेखन के साथ वर्णमाला का ज्ञान।
4. परिवर्धित देवनागरी स्वरूप की जानकारी ।
20Journalistic SkillsCertificateIndian Languages1. सहभागीना पत्रकारीतेची मूलतत्त्वे शिकविणे.
2. सहभागीना वर्तमानपत्रांसाठी बातमीलेखन करण्यास शिकवणे.
3. बातमी संपादन कौशल्ये.
4. आकाशवाणी व दूरदर्शनासाठी बातमी लेखन.
5. प्रात्यक्षिक ( Practical)
6. कार्यानुभव ( on job training)
21Counselling SkillsCertificatePsychology1. To develop an understanding about the basics of counselling, including its theory and practice
2. To develop an understanding about the role and responsibilities of a counsellor in various set-tings
3. To develop the key skills for an effective counselling relationship.
4. To develop an understanding about different styles of counselling.
22DIY DecorCertificatePhilosophy