Sr. No.
Course Name
Certificate/Diploma /Skill developmentDepartment
Goals and objectives
1PG Certificate in Industrial & Analytical TechniquesCertificateChemistryTo help the B.Sc. Graduates to equip in industrial techniques and placement
2Determination of Physico-Chemical and Microbiological Parameters in Drinking waterLong term certificate courseChemistryTo enable students to acquire knowledge and estimate the different parameters in drinking water to determine whether water is hygienically safe and fit for consumption
3Analytical ToolsSummer course, National Institute of Oceanography (NIO)ChemistryTo help students know theoretical aspects used in analysis
4Useful Experimental and Computer Techniques in ChemistryShort term certificate courseChemistryTo give hands on experience to the students in micro scale experiments and to impart training in software training in software programs like power point presentation, chem. sketch
5Hardware Maintenance Certificate (Skill)Computer ScienceTo solve common computer hardware problems
6Page MakerCertificate (Skill)Computer ScienceTo design certificates and posters
7C++Certificate (Skill)Computer ScienceTo build in house projects
8Visual BasicCertificate (Skill)Computer ScienceTo build in house projects
9FlashCertificate (Skill)Computer ScienceTo enable the students to design, crate video clips
10Basic Computer for Senior CitizensCertificate (Skill)Computer ScienceTo help senior citizens to use computers
11TallyCertificate (Skill)Computer ScienceTo help students to use computer applications
12.NETCertificate (Skill)Computer ScienceTo help students to use computer applications
13NetworkingCertificate (Skill)Computer ScienceTo help students to use computer applications
14CorelDrawCertificate (Skill)Computer ScienceTo help students to use computer applications
15C SharpCertificate (Skill)Computer ScienceTo be able to build websites
16PHP MySQLCertificate (Skill)Computer ScienceTo be able to build websites
17ASP.NET with C++Certificate (Skill)Computer ScienceTo help students to use computer application
18MS office for staff Certificate (Skill)Computer ScienceTo help college office staff to learn computers
19Art of CounselingCertificate (Skill)PsychologyTo provide exposure to students to pursue a career in counseling and to develop pertinent skills
20Flower makingCertificate (Skill)PhilosophyTo make flowers from cloth, paper etc.
21Biotechnological Methods in Garbage ManagementCertificate (Skill)Bio-technologyTraining of biotechnological methods for garbage management at household and community level
22Commit to be FitCertificate (Skill)Bio-technologyPhysical fitness awareness
23MuseologyCertificateHistoryStudents visit museum and understand details about historical items and scripts
24DreamweaverCertificate (Skill)Computer ScienceTo help students to use computer applications
25Learning Disability Diagnosis and Remedial TeachingCertificate (Skill)PsychologyTo equip the participants with knowledge and skills in remedial teaching
26 Fresh Water Aquarium Fabrication, Maintenance and ManagementCertificate (Skill)Zoology To cultivate hobby of aquarium construction and management for entertainment & stress relief
27Food Science and Quality ControlCertificate (Skill)Bio-technologyTo teach techniques of quality management in food industry
28 Application of Remote Sensing and Ariel Photography in GeologyCertificate (Skill)Geology To promote skills in remote sensing and aerial photography for geology students
29Determination of Physiochemical and Microbiological Parameters in Drinking WaterCertificate (Skill)Chemistry To enable students to acquire knowledge for estimation of physiochemical and microbiological parameters in drinking water for determining safety consumption
30 Useful Experimental and Analytical Techniques in ChemistryCertificate (Skill)Chemistry To create price awareness of chemical and to teach micro scale techniques for saving chemicals using micro scale kits and to provide training in software programmes for chemical analysis and PP presentation of date
31Telescope MakingCertificate (Skill)Physics To train students to design and fabricate astronomical telescopes. To impart skills of mirror grinding polishing and silvering. To introduce hobby of night sky watching.
32Competitive Exams Orientation cum GuidanceCertificate (Training)Political Science Provide introduction to career opportunities in civil services through competitive exams.
To orient and guide for preparation of competitive exams and provide guidance for UPSC CIVIL service exam